5 Chino Colors Every Man Should Own

Jun 27, 2017 FashionLifestyle Fashion a gentleman's lifestyle

Although jeans are favorites when it comes to choosing pants for men, there aren’t many fashion items as versatile as Chino pants.They are incredibly practical and comfortable, and besides, they are great in combination with almost all pieces of clothing.

From shoes and shirts to jackets and classic shoes, Chino pants work well with everything.

Here are the most popular colors of Chino pants that never go out of fashion.

  • Beige

Beige shades are ideal for all casual occasions such as walks through the park or going for a drink with friends.

They are excellent in combination with dark blue, red and dark gray colored shirt or sweater from lightweight material and sneakers or casual shoes.

  • Navy

Navy Chino pants are a key element of any “smart casual” style. Regardless of whether you wear a white shirt or a shirt and tie, there is no mistake in choosing.

  • Olive green

This shade of green color perfectly complements the white and all shades of gray. And because of that stylists combine it with neutral tones of T-shirts and sneakers. Also, muted tones of green match well in combination with light shades of beige color.

  • Gray

While olive-green Chino pants are ideal for the active man, gray shades of this model is perfect for all formal occasions, such as business meetings.

On one hand, this piece of clothing is a great base for business style. And on the other hand can be an ideal complement for activities outside the workplace.

  • Black

Models of gray and black Chino pants provide countless combinations through different fashion styles. For business occasions wear black Chinos with suitable formal shirts and jackets in bright shades.

This will create a business look that will definitely stand out from others. Black Chino pants are an ideal piece of clothing when it comes to night-outings, and in combination with a shirt with a Russian collar represent a real fashion hit.

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