Review - Taylor Swift is back with another mega smash album "reputation"

Nov 12, 2017 Entertainment Music Editor

Taylor Swift is back with another mega smash album reputation. She did what no else attempted before – she used different sounds dominating the music scene today and combined them all to make a sonically cohesive album. Lyrically, it does have it moments, but it falls just short in comparison to Red. But, the overall production propels it to the next level. While 1989’s song transition felt more like we move from day to night as we listen to it, reputation does the opposite. We start off with a dark night vibe and the album closer feels like an early morning kiss. Without further ado, let’s proceed to a track by track review.

…Ready For It?

It’s an apt song to start off what we are about experience in the rest of the album – shock, chills, pleasure, fun, happiness and tears. The contrast between the chorus and verse works well too. It is a solid 9.

Be ready to hear this song in sports for years to come.

End Game

I was ready to hate this song. After listening to it, it is not so bad. I can already tell it will do well on streaming. I give it a 7.

I Did Something Bad

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! Taylor has slayed me to hell and back and back to hell again. This song is Look What You Made Me Do on steroids. Honestly, this song gives me such an adrenaline rush. It is off the damn charts. First 10 rate song on the album.

Don’t Blame Me

Taylor died and reincarnated as Tayzier. If I Did Something Bad Sent Me To Hell, this sent me even further that Hades got jealous. I honestly can’t describe it any more words, I will just leave this with another 10 (Wish I could give 11).



Honestly, this song. From beginning to end, it was a holy experience. This song is the definition of chill. I love the way this song is about not being sure how fast to move in a relationship because she has no idea herself. And the stand out is the way she says Isn’t It. I cannot get this song out of my head.

This is my favourite song of the album. 10/10

Look What You Made Me Do

I don’t have much to say about this song (A lot of discussion has been done around this song already), but I can say that it fits well in the album. It did its job by sparking the conversation. If this comes on radio or in a pub, I would jam to it. I rate this a 9.

So It Goes…

I love the vocal effects on this song and the overall instrumental sound. But after listening to the album, I honestly cannot recall anything about this song. It’s a good momentary listen but not a repeat play. It’s a 7 for me.


I might be in the minority who like this song but having experienced this first hand, I relate to it so hard. And it is a cute song. I give it an 8.

Getaway Car

Another amazing song. I love how all these songs are so different from each other which is a major departure from her earlier albums. Only Taylor Swift can make a song about a rebound relationship sound so great. Another 10/10 song.

King Of My Heart

THE CHORUS! That seals the deal for the song. Another great song that makes you want someone that can make you feel like Taylor’s feeling here. It is another solid 9.

Dancing With Our Hands Tied

One of the best songs on the album. The momentum is perfect, the lyrics flow perfectly, the lyrics themselves are really good. The chorus' production is flawless and it does that max thing where we go quiet again and bam it gets louder and even better. I fall for it, I cant help myself. Another 10.


Taylor coming through with the innuendo oooooohhh. A great song you can jam to. The falsetto is great. Another 9.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

This feels like such a Kesha song. I can’t believe Jack produced this, seems such a departure from regular music. The song’s vibe is a hybrid of 1989 and reputation. Definitely the We are never ever getting back together of reputation. I rate it an 8.

Call It What You Want

This song brings a smile to my face. It is comforting and warm. A perfect song to precede New Year’s Day. Minimalism does wonders for this song to effectively translate Taylor’s message. It is definitely a 10 but not as great as Delicate or New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Day

The perfect closer for the album. I am sure weddings will be overplaying this because this is THAT song. We all yearn for the person she describes in the song and I am happy she found that person. A great ballad with the lyricism of Red. Another 10 – up there with Delicate.


Although, the average song rate comes to 8.5/10, the good songs are so good they make up for the deficit. Very few skippable songs and a great album to jam to. In Red, most of the songs depended on the listeners relating with the lyrics. It changed a bit with 1989 where you had more songs that didn’t require that. In reputation, the production does wonders and elevates what 1989 did even better.

This album is 9/10 for me and Taylor exceeded my expectations for the album. I am so happy that the 4 tracks we got to hear in the run up to the album don’t represent the entire album in terms of sound and production.

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